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1. How many songs can I fly on?

Each pilot can have two songs to fly on, each of 4 minutes duration. Expecially for final flights it is obligatory to use in both finals different music. In qualification and semifinal rounds can be used any of delivered two songs.

2. How is it with the position of the pilot during flight?

Generally to say place where pilot has to be standing during the flight is not prescribed, but it is recommended to stay on the runway in the proximity of the safety line.

3. Is it necessary to pay the entry fee in advance?

No, it is not requested. The entry fee will be collected in cash during the registration procedure on Thursday afternoon.

EUR 50

CZK 1250

4. How is it with the accommodation?

An organizer is not providing nor booking the accommodation for pilots or any other participants. The small bungalows on the airfield are all booked for organizer’s and sponsor's personnel. Use the links to the hotels and private pensions in the surrounding of Znojmo.

5. What about the food and beverages on the airfield?

Restaurant directly on the airfield is providing hot and cold food and beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Payment can be either in CZK or in EUR.

6. Entry into depo and runway area?

Entry into the area behind the fence is allowed only to pilots, the official helpers and to the contest officials. An organizer does have the right to deport the not authorized people out of the starting area.

7. How is it with camping possibilities?

Within the airfield area is possible to build free of charge the tents or to park campers, but it is necessary to obey instructions of the organizer.

8. How is it with the possibility of the re-fly?

In the case of not successful start of the engine within 1 minute time period or in the case of the stop of the engine in the flight or in the case of jettisoning of some substantial part of the model the re-fly is not possible because of large number of the competitors. The only possibility for immediate refly is the situation, when wrong music will be started by an organizer.

9. Radio frequencies?

It is strongly recommended to use 2,4GHz radios to avoid the possibilities of interferrences. Using of so called „old“ 35 and 40 MHz frequencies is only on ownn risk of the compettitor and organizer will not collect the transmitters during the contest!

10. Mailing of the music?

All selected pilots are obliged to send by e-mail their two music versions A nd B in MP3 format on the address so that organizer could create the music data base for easier and faster manipulation with it during the contest. The dead line is August 7th, 2015. Pilots who will not obey this date will be crossed out from the list of competitors and other waiting pilots will replace them.

11. How is it with starting order?

For first qualification every pilot will allot a number from box (or hat) which represents his start number.

For second qualification round of singles and second round of teams will be starting order given by results in previous round, it means the pilot (team) with worst result in previous round will fly as first and so on. Same rule will be used for semifinals and finals.

12. Which part of flight is evaluated by judges?

Judges are evaluating the flight only during the sound of music. All maneuvers or creations performed before the beginning of music or after the end of music are by judges ignored.

13. What about landing before the end of music or crash?

Judges will estimate which percentage of music was used and will downgrade accordingly. It means the flight with duration only about 50% of duration of the music will receive only 50% of the expected points.

14. Signal for the beginning of the music

The signal for a beginning of music has to be clear waving down by hand of pilot or his helper and can be given by take-off or during flight shortly after the take-off.

15. What will happen when wrong music will be started? music

The pilot has to land immediately, and the flight will be repeated as soon as possible with proper music.

16. Where is the safety line for flying?

Safety line is the opposite edge of the tarmac runway. In the other words the safe area is grass and field behind the runway. The pilot during the flight must not cross over of this line or better to say to break the imaginary plane perpendicular to the earth in the safety line. Any infringement of this rule will be evaluated by judges by downgrading and flying behind the judges means immediate disqualification in given flight and flight marshal will command the pilot to land immediately.

17. Which is the time to start-up the engine?

Flight marshal is issuing the command to begin starting of the engine already before the landing of the previous model and pilot or his helper do have 1 minute to start the engine. In the case engine is not running after this 1 minute period, the pilot is receiving zero points for this flight and does not have right for redlight in the given round.

18. How is it with the results of flights?

Generally the automated scoring system is crossing out the highest and lowest marks from the judges for each criteria to avoid possible intentional gaining.

For singles the better normalized result from two qualification rounds is used to define 25 best pilots for the semifinal. In semifinal again better normalized result from two semifinal flights is used to define best 10 pilots for and first 5 pilots from 1. final are going to 2. final. There are no transfers of previous results to the further rounds! Teams are flying 3 rounds, two better normalized results are calculated to define 3 best teams for the final.

19. What about bad weather?

Contest director is the decision maker about the possibilities to fly in the case of not good weather. Only the completed rounds will be used for the calculation of the final results.

20. Is the touching of ground during flight giving more points?

Definitely not. This flight feature has been excluded from the judging criteria to increase safety of the flight.

If you have some other question please, contact us via chat directly form site or email.

Thank you for unerstanding.

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