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The most important informations:

Technical characteristics of the model:

The model for this contest must be semi-scale model of real aircraft used for aerobatics. The differences from the real aircraft are not going to be measured, but the model must be similar to its pattern.

We only allow exhaust smoke to be used

Monoplane                                                                             Biplane:                       

Minimum wingspan: 2800mm                                                Minimum wingspan: 2400mm

Minimum ccm: 150                                                                 Minimum ccm: 130

The max. TOW( take off weight) is 25 kg, including fuel,  smoking oil and all additional elements. 

Reason why we limited size and engine is that we want to compare the same sizes of the planes and also we want to be closer to scale aircrafts.



The most important informations:

Dear Pilots,
We would like to announce a change in the rules for the Jet category. The change is in the length of the flight time. We extended the flight time to 8 minutes. This means that each of the teams can (but does not have to) fly for 8 minutes.

Technical characteristics of the model:

Maximum overall wingspan:  no restrictions

Minimum overall wingspan:  2000mm

Maximum overall length: no restrictions

Maximum take-off weight with fuel

(or with battery if EDF): 25kg

Maximum thrust of turbine: no restrictions*

Electric Motors power source max. no load voltage 72 volts *

Noise limits: no restrictions*

The propulsion device(s) must automatically shut-off (EDF) or fully idle (turbo jet) at the moment an R/C signal failure occurs.

Number of Flights:

Each Jet formation Team have to fly two (2) preliminary rounds, plus the final flight.

Competitors have the right to the same number flights. Only completed rounds will be counted. Only when all competitors in the preliminary and final rounds, have had the opportunity to complete the same number of rounds, can the results of the rain-interrupted (or other delay) competition be determined.

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